How to Replace a Chevy Astro Door Handle

by Russell Wood

The door handles on a Chevrolet Astro van probably take more abuse than any other part. They're constantly being yanked open or slammed shut. And if a door handle breaks, it makes it that much more frustrating to get into the vehicle. Replacing the handle on your van can be a bit trying, but you can do this at home and save a lot of money in the process.

Remove the door panel from the vehicle by using the flat-head screwdriver to pop off the decorative trim around the bolt holes and unbolting the panel using the 1/4-inch ratchet and sockets. Use your hand to undo various electrical plugs that are held in place on the panel by clips and plugs.

Pop off the rubber grommet on the inside of the door jam directly next to the door panel, using the screwdriver. This will give you access to one of the bolt holes for the handle.

Unclip the handle from the latch by reaching inside the door with your arm and turning the clips off the handle. The linkage is connected by plastic tabs, which turn one direction or the other to pop them off.

Unbolt the door handle from the door using the open-end wrenches and the 1/4-inch ratchet. There is the one bolt in the door jam that was under the grommet, and there are two more that are a bit easier to access with the wrench. Pull out the handle.

Install the replacement handle in the reverse order of disassembly.

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