How to Replace the Brake Light in an Acura TSX

by Ziggy Thomas

The Acura TSX is a luxury car manufactured by Honda. Keeping up with the brake lights is an important part of vehicle safety. Working brake lights allow other drivers to know what you are doing on the road and prevent unnecessary fix-it tickets. Replacing an Acura TSX brake light is a simple do-it-yourself task that requires no tools and will take you less than thirty minutes to complete. By replacing the brake light yourself you will save money on the labor charge of an automotive repair shop.

Step 1

Make sure the vehicle's engine is off and the light switch is in the "Off" position. Open the trunk.

Step 2

Remove the light assembly cover located on the left or right side of the trunk -- depending on which brake light needs replacing -- by pulling on the outside edge.

Step 3

Remove the socket containing the bulb by turning in a counterclockwise direction and pulling it straight out. Remove the bulb by pulling it straight out of the socket.

Step 4

Press a new bulb into the socket. Return the socket to where it was removed from and turn in a clockwise direction until it is secure and locked.

Step 5

Push the light assembly cover back in place. Close the trunk.

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