How to Replace the Tail Light on a Hyundai Accent

by KevinM

Hyundai Motor America introduced the Accent to the American market during the 1995 model year. The model targeted the low end of the small car market, and the low selling price made the Accent popular with buyers looking for an economical, basic automobile or a low cost second vehicle. As with any car, Accent owners can save time and money by performing many basic maintenance tasks themselves. One such task is replacing a burned out tail light bulb.

Step 1

Open the trunk door on four-door models, or tailgate hatch on three-door models.

Step 2

Locate the rear-light assembly service panel in the rear inside corners of the car, covering the back of the light assembly. Turn the service panel latching screw counterclockwise until it releases. Remove the panel.

Step 3

Remove the three retaining nuts that hold the rear light assembly with a wrench, and then slide the rear light assembly out the back of the car. On three-door models the assembly must be pushed first to the outside and then straight back.

Step 4

Locate the light bulb that requires replacement. The rear-light assembly is comprised of four light bulbs, each with its separate socket. The uppermost socket is for the tail light. The outermost socket below the tail light socket is for the rear turn-signal. The innermost socket below the tail light socket is for the backup light. The lowermost socket is for combination brake light and tail light.

Step 5

Turn the proper socket counterclockwise about one-quarter turn until it releases from the rear-light assembly. Pull the socket straight out of the assembly, taking care not to damage the attached wiring. The light bulb is now visible in the socket.

Step 6

Push the light bulb down and rotate it counterclockwise about one quarter turn to release it from the socket. Take care not to break the bulb glass. Remove the bulb by pulling straight out.

Step 7

Insert a new bulb into the socket. Push it down and rotate it clockwise about one-quarter turn, or as far as it will go.

Step 8

Insert the socket into the rear light assembly and rotate it clockwise as far as it will go.

Step 9

Replace the light assembly and secure with the three nuts. Replace the service panel and secure the latch. Close the trunk.

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