How to Replace the Brake Light Bulb on Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

The brake light replacement process on the Vehicles is very easy once you know where to start. The brake light bulb illuminates each time that pressure is applied to the brakes. The brake lights are a safety feature that lets the driver behind you know that you are coming to a stop. A burned-out brake light bulb can cause another driver to rear-end your car. Always check on your brake lights to make sure that they work Vehicles all times.

Under The Hood:

 How to Replace the Brake Light Bulb on a 2004 Chevy TrailBlazer

Raise the liftgate on the TrailBlazer.

Remove the two screws holding the tail lamp assembly in place. They are located along the side of the assembly closest to the vehicle.

Remove the assembly out of the vehicle sideways. For example, if you are removing the driver's side assembly, pull it out to the left. For the passenger side assembly, pull it out to the right.

Detach the wiring harness from the lamp assembly.

Remove the three retaining screws from the bulb assembly. Two of the screws are directly across from each other between two of the sockets, and the third is located at the end.

Press the release tabs for the socket with the bulb you wish to replace and pull it out.

Push in the new bulb. It will snap into place.

Push the socket back into the bulb assembly and reinstall the three screws.

Reattach the wiring harness.

Reinstall the lamp assembly in the vehicle by screwing it back into place.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

  • Replacement brake light bulb

 How to Replace a Brake Light Bulb in a 2005 Honda Accord LX

Open the trunk lid of the Honda Accord to access the rear light assembly cover.

Pull on the outer edge of the rear light assembly cover to remove it from the inside of the trunk. The rear light assembly cover is the rectangular door on the inside of the trunk, opposite of the rear lights.

Grip the brake light socket, and turn it to the left to remove it from the light assembly.

Pull the light bulb out of the socket. You do not need to turn the bulb to remove it. Dispose of the old bulb in a waste receptacle.

Slide the new bulb into the socket until you cannot press it in any farther.

Reinsert the socket and turn it to the right to lock it in place. Replace the light assembly cover, and close the trunk.

Items you will need

  • Replacement bulb

 How to Replace the Brake Light Bulb on a Dodge Grand Caravan

Turn the engine off, set the parking brake, and open the rear liftgate.

Remove the two Phillips-head screws from the edge of the taillight assembly if your Grand Caravan is model year 2008 or newer. Pry off the two push-in fasteners with a flat-head screwdriver if your Grand Caravan is model year 2004 to 2007.

Pull the taillight assembly away from the van gently. Turn the bulb socket to remove it from the assembly (the brake light bulb socket is the one facing inward).

Pull the old bulb from the socket. Insert the replacement bulb into the socket. Don't touch the bulb's glass; instead, hold the bulb by its base (the oil on your skin can cause it to fail). Reattach the socket to the taillight assembly. Turn the socket to tighten it.

Replace the taillight assembly. Tighten the Phillips-head screws (2008 to 2010), or reinsert the push-in fasteners (2004 to 2007).

Items you will need

  • Replacement bulb 3057 (2004 to 2007)

  • Flat-head screwdriver (2004 to 2007)

  • Replacement bulb 3157 (2008 to 2010)

  • Phillips-head screwdriver (2008 to 2010)

 How to Replace a Brake Light Bulb on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Raise the rear window lift on the back of the Jeep, and then let the tailgate down.

Locate the rear of the taillight assembly that contains the burned out taillight bulb. There are two screws holding the rear section of the taillight assembly in place to the taillight bracket. Remove both of the screws with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Gently pry up on the edges of the rear section of the taillight section. Then turn the rear section back and forth to loosen the rear taillight section for the ball joint. The rear taillight section is locked on by a ball joint that will release once you pry outward on the rear section. Keep pulling until the rear taillight section pops off.

Locate the burned out brake light bulb. The brake light bulbs on the 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee are the very top bulb. There are three bulbs on the rear section of the 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Top bulb is the brake light bulb, the middle bulb is the blinker bulb and the bottom bulb is the back-up bulb. Rotate the top bulb counterclockwise until it unlocks from the socket. Gently pull the bulb out of the socket.

Push the new bulb into the socket and turn the bulb clockwise until the bulb locks in place. Once the bulb locks in place, gently pull back on the bulb to ensure that the bulb is locked into the bulb socket. Now have someone apply pressure to the brakes while you inspect the brake light bulb to make sure that the new bulb is working.

Put the rear taillight section back on by lining up the ball joint with the insert. Take the palm of your hand and gently tap the rear section in place until you feel the ball joint lock in place inside of the insert.

Insert the two Phillips head screws and tighten the rear section of the taillight assembly back down tight with the Phillips head screwdriver.

Items you will need

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Flat head screwdriver

  • 3157 brake light bulb

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