How to Replace the Battery in a Harley Ultra Classic

by Jim Murkot Sr.
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Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic motorcycles are air-cooled, all-aluminum, 45-degree V-twin bikes with classic looks and styling. Their starting system is operated by a powerful 12-volt motorcycle battery. Although there have been wonderful advances in battery technology, these batteries typically have a lifespan of 18 to 24 months. Changing them out on an Ultra Classic is straightforward and should take no longer than 20 to 30 minutes of your time.

Step 1

Open the tour pack. Unscrew the seat fastener on the rear fender using a Phillips screwdriver. Push the seat as far forward as possible while lifting the rear of the seat off the frame. Use your hand to pad the hardware at the back of the seat to prevent damage to the passenger backrest pad. Pull the seat rearward when the back of the seat has cleared the tour pack. Lift the seat all of the way off the frame.

Step 2

Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery, using a 10-mm open-end wrench. Perform the same task on the positive battery terminal. Loosen the hold-down clamp of the battery using a T-40 Torx. Lift the battery free from the battery box. Position a new 12-volt motorcycle battery in the battery box with the terminals facing forward toward the front of the motorcycle.

Step 3

Insert and tighten the positive battery cable connection, using a 10 mm open-end wrench. Perform the same task on the negative cable. Position the battery hold-down clamp over the edge of the battery. Tighten the clamp bolt with a T-40 Torx.

Step 4

Hold the seat ion position with the rear elevated and push down while pushing forward on the front of the seat to engage it in the frame. Pad the hardware on the rear of the seat and push the seat down into position. Install the retainer screw and tighten securely. Grab the seat and give it a wiggle it to make sure it is engaged with the frame.

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