How to Charge a Battery on a Goldwing 1800

by Chris Gilliland

Honda's flagship, the Goldwing 1800, is equipped with a host of electronic accessories intended to provide its riders with the highest degree of amenities on the road. While the Goldwing's charging system is more than capable of supplying the needs of the accessories, its battery can be discharged during long periods of inactivity. Attaching the battery to a trickle-charger can provide a low-amperage charge to maintain the battery's voltage during storage, or to revive a critically depleted charge. Accessing the Goldwing's battery requires the removal of the seat and the plastic cover attached to the left side of the frame.

Step 1

Unscrew the bolts from the passenger seat grab handles using a 4 mm Allen wrench. Reach between the passenger's portion of the seat and the passenger back rest, then lift the seat up and away from the seat rails. Pull the entire seat toward the rear of the motorcycle until it can be lifted away.

Step 2

Grasp the left frame cover located below the seat rails. Pull away the frame cover from the rubber grommets built into the frame.

Step 3

Remove the push pin from the bottom of the battery box cover using the tip of a Phillips-head screwdriver. Pull the battery box cover to reveal the battery.

Step 4

Remove the bolt from the top of the battery hold-down strap using a 10 mm socket and a socket wrench, then pull away the strap from the battery. Pull the battery out of the battery box until you can access the battery cables.

Step 5

Remove the battery cables, starting with the negative (-) cable followed by the positive (+) cable, using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the battery from the battery box. Skip this step if you will be charging the battery while it is in the motorcycle.

Step 6

Connect the battery charger's red, positive alligator clip to the battery's positive (+) terminal, then the black alligator clip to the negative (-) terminal. Turn on the battery charger and allow the battery to charge until the battery charger's "Charging" indicator turns off.

Step 7

Remove the battery charger alligator clips, starting with the black negative clip followed by the red positive clip.

Step 8

Reattach the positive battery cable onto the battery's positive terminal, followed by the negative cable to the negative terminal. Push the battery into the battery box and screw the battery hold-down strap into place. Skip this step if the battery was charged in the motorcycle.

Step 9

Reinstall the battery box cover. Push the left side cover onto the motorcycle's frame.

Step 10

Slip the tab at the front of the seat into the slot cut into the motorcycle's frame. Push the rear of the seat past the passenger back rest and onto the seat rails. Screw the passenger grab rail bolts into place to secure the seat.

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