How to Replace a Battery in a GM Remote

by Kyle McBride

General Motors (GM) keyless entry systems allow car owners to unlock the doors on their GM vehicles by pressing a button on a small key fob. The key fob is a transmitter that sends a signal to a receiver in the vehicle to unlock the doors. The transmitter is powered by a small battery inside the fob. With use over time, the battery eventually gets too low to transmit the signal thus the fob no longer works as intended. A small screwdriver is all that is needed to open the fob so that the battery can be replaced.

Step 1

Insert the tip of the screwdriver into the notch on the edge of the fob adjacent to the keyring hole.

Step 2

Turn the screwdriver inside the notch to gently pry apart the halves of the fob.

Step 3

Remove the battery gently. The battery holder is fragile and will not tolerate aggressive handling. Lift the edge of the battery, then slip it out of its holder.

Insert the new battery into the battery holder, then snap the fob case back together.

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