2001 Ford Focus Battery Requirements

by Louis Gutierrez
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The 2001 Ford Focus uses a 12-volt Motorcraft battery. The Motocraft battery is also used in all the Ford Focus models up to 2008, and is compatible in up to 140 Ford Vehicles. The stock battery is equipped with 590 cold cranking amps with 735 total cranking amps.

Minimum Power Requirements

The minimum cold cranking amps requirement for the 2001 Ford Focus, is 590 cca; the minimum total cranking amps is 735. Ford Focus will require a battery that runs on 12 volts, but this is standard for all cars. The minimum reserve capacity for the battery is 93 minutes.

Battery Size

The Ford Focus uses two different battery sizes: group size 40R and group size 96R. The 40R battery dimensions are 11-3/8 inches by 6-13/16 inches by 6-13/16 inches, and on average it will weigh 35.9 lbs. The 96R battery dimensions are 9-1/2 inches by 6-15/16 inches by 6-15/16 inches, on average it will weigh 34 lbs. The 40R and the 96R are the only two batteries that will fit on the Ford Focus battery bay.

Power Connectors

The 2001 Ford Focus requires that the battery have the post located on the top. Side-post batteries will not work, as the cables are only made long enough and positioned to reach the top of the battery. The positive post has to be located on the right side of the battery.

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