Toyota RAV4 Battery Specifications

by Jason Unrau

Vehicle batteries are very specific in size, cranking amp and cold cranking amp ratings. Cranking amps and cold cranking amps are both ratings based on the number of amperes a battery can deliver while maintaining 1.2 volts per battery cell for 30 seconds.


Cranking amps are rated at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, while cold cranking amps are rated at zero degrees.

It is important to know this information, because a vehicle requires a specific amount of power to turn the engine over. In cold weather, the length of time an engine turns over to start will be longer, so the battery needs to be equipped with the proper cold cranking amperage.


Do not replace your vehicle's battery with one of a different type, size or rating.

Batteries are categorized by group numbers determined by the Battery Council International. The BCI group number assists in finding a quick replacement battery with the same dimensions and post arrangement. If the BCI indicates a certain group number, it will be the correct size, and the battery cables will be routed to the proper position on the battery.

The 2013 and newer Toyota RAV4 requires a BCI group 35 battery. That means that the battery will always be 8 7/8 inches tall, 9 1/16 inches long and 6 7/8 inches wide. The battery post configuration is a top post, and with the posts at the near side of the battery, the positive terminal is on the right and the negative is on the left. The cold cranking amp rating is 550 CCA; however, this can be interchangeable with a higher or lower number depending on the climate.


You may want to increase the CCA for your vehicle battery slightly if you live in cold weather.

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