How to Replace Your ATV Battery

by Chris Gilliland

An ATV's battery can store a charge for a long period of time. Time and weather conditions conspire to slowly discharge the battery, though, leaving the ATV inoperable if left unchecked for too long. Once the battery has been drained, it usually can't be recharged, leaving replacement as the only viable solution. The battery on most ATVs can be replaced quickly with basic tools.

Unlock the seat using the seat release mechanism's lever. Lift the rear of the seat upward and pull the tabs on the front of the seat out of the ATV's frame.

Pull the rubber retaining strap's hooks off of the battery tray's catch tabs.

Disconnect the battery from the wiring harness with a Phillips screwdriver. Unscrew the negative terminal bolt first and pull the black wiring lead away from the battery and the ATV's frame. Unscrew the positive terminal bolt and move the red wiring lead away from the battery.

Pull the battery out of the tray.

Place a new battery into the battery tray. Hook the rubber retaining strap over the catch tab on one side of the tray. Stretch the strap over the battery and hook the free end over the tray's remaining catch tab.

Place the red wiring lead over the battery's positive terminal. Screw the terminal bolt into place. Place the black wiring lead over the negative terminal. Screw the terminal bolts into place.

Slide the tabs on the front of the seat onto the ATV's frame. Lower the seat to the frame and press down until the seat latch mechanism clicks shut.

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