How to Change the Battery on a Honda Ruckus

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Honda's upstart NPS50 scooter, better known as the Ruckus, generated a large following, garnering acclaim for its reliability, efficiency and minimalist styling. Wearing little more than a small cowl over its front forks, the Ruckus left little to the imagination. Even more mystifying was the fact that Honda managed to hide all the necessary components, such as the battery, under such a small amount of bodywork. Fortunately, changing the battery is as simple as the Ruckus itself, requiring only a pair of screwdrivers, and can be completed in a handful of minutes.

Step 1

Locate and remove the four Phillips screws that secure the front cowl to the frame of your Ruckus. Separate the front cowl by pulling the inner cover -- the cover facing the the rider's seat -- to expose the battery tray. Remove the metal battery strap by unscrewing the mounting bolt and pulling the strap down and out.

Step 2

Remove the Phillips screw from the negative wire lead and remove the lead, then remove the screw to remove the positive battery wire lead. Slide the battery out of the tray.

Step 3

Install the new battery in the tray and secure it with the metal battery strap. Install the mounting bolt to lock the battery into place. Connect the new battery by placing the supplied Phillips screws into the loops on the battery wire leads and screwing them onto the battery terminals, beginning with the positive terminal, followed by the negative terminal.

Reinstall the inner cover, reinserting and tightening the Phillips screws to secure the cover to the frame.


  • To minimize the length of time you must leave your Ruckus disassembled, charge the new battery before installation. Follow the manufacturer's recommended charging process to ensure the service life of the battery.
  • Park your Ruckus on its center stand on a level surface to prevent the scooter from rolling off the stand or tipping over.
  • Take your time. Rushing often leads to more problems.
  • If you do not feel confident that you can complete this project, have a qualified technician perform the work.


  • When disconnecting the battery, do not let the terminals contact the frame.

Items you will need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver

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