How to Change the Battery on a Suzuki Boulevard C50

by Chris Gilliland
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A well-maintained Suzuki C50 Boulevard shouldn't need a new battery often, but things happen. Unfortunately, the motorcycle's battery is hidden within the frame with no visible means of access. Armed with a Phillips screwdriver and an Allen wrench, a C50 owner must remove the seats to access the battery. It's not too difficult, as most people are able to complete the job in less than 15 minutes.

Step 1

Use a 5-mm Allen wrench to remove the bolt holding the passenger seat to the rear fender, hidden under the cushion at the end of the seat. Lift the passenger seat upward and pull the seat to the rear to remove it.

Step 2

Use a 5-mm Allen wrench to remove the bolts securing the rear of the rider's seat to the frame. Lift the rear of the seat off of the seat rails and pull the seat away from the frame.

Step 3

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the bolts securing the wiring leads to the battery's terminals. Unscrew the negative (-) wiring lead first, followed by the positive (+) lead.

Step 4

Pull the rubber strap off of the battery tray's hook and lift the battery out of the motorcycle.

Step 5

Place a new YB16B-A1 battery in the battery tray. Pull the rubber strap over the battery and hook it onto the battery tray.

Step 6

Use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the wire lead bolts onto the battery's terminals. Screw the positive (+) lead onto the battery's positive (+) terminal first, and then screw the negative (-) lead onto the negative (-) terminal.

Step 7

Follow the reverse order of removal to reinstall the seats.

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