How to Repair Ford Door Hinges

by Chris Moore

If the door hinges break on your Ford vehicle, it will cause the door to sag. This is more of a problem than you might think, as the door's weight can damage components within the door and possibly the car body. The door must be repaired by replacing the hinges. Since you're only replacing the hinges, you don't have to worry about disconnecting everything on the door. Still, this a difficult task, and professional assistance is recommended.

Open the door and support it by either placing blocks or a floor jack under it or having another person hold onto the door. If it's possible, it may be better to hang the door by a chain from a ceiling joist, assuming the joist is strong enough.

Mark an outline around the door hinges to indicate how the new hinges should be aligned. Use a marking pen or a scribe to make the marks.

Use a wrench to remove the mounting bolts connecting the hinges to the door and car body and remove the hinges. Ford vehicles usually have two mounting bolts on the door's side and a third on the car's side. If you are removing both hinges on the same door, remove the upper hinge first.

Install the replacement hinges onto the door, using the guide markings to position the hinges. If the new hinges came with their own mounting bolts, use them, because they will fasten the door better.

Remove whatever supported the door and check the door's alignment. The top of the door--not including the window frame--must align with the top of the front fender, and the door's bottom must align with the lower rocker panel. Adjust the alignment if needed by loosening the hinge bolts, moving the door's position and tightening the bolts.


  • check If you can't correct the alignment by just moving the door's position, insert body alignment shims behind the hinges.

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