How to Remove Express Door Hinge Pins

by Marguerite Lance

Hinge pins are a small yet essential element of Chevy Express vans; they are part of the door hinge and brushing mechanism that keeps the van door attached to the van body. If you find that one of your Chevy Express doors is difficult to open or close, or is sagging, it might be time to replace your hinge pins. Due to the size and number of passengers these vehicles are designed to hold, Chevy Express vans have very heavy doors. Always use extreme caution, and enlist the aid of a friend when removing this vehicle's hinge pins.

Step 1

Park the Chevy Express on a flat surface, where you and your assistant will have plenty of room to work. Make sure your Chevy Express's parking and emergency break are fully engaged before removing the vehicle's hinge pins.

Step 2

Drape the old towel or sheet onto your jack stand or stepladder. Open the Chevy Express's door and balance the door onto the jack stand or stepladder. Ask your assistant to stand by the door, ready to immediately help steady it, the jack stand or stepladder, if necessary.

Step 3

Identify your hinge pins. They are the long pins located in the center of the door's hinges. There will be two: a top one with the tip pointing up and a bottom one with the tip pointing down.

Step 4

Place your punch on the end tip of the top hinge pin. Carefully hammer the punch to dislodge the hinge pin and remove it from the hinge. Repeat this process with the bottom hinge pin.

Step 5

Remove the top hinge pin; remove the bottom hinge pin.

Step 6

Put the old hinge pins aside to discard later.

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