Audi Keyless Remote Programming Instructions

by Tara Kimball
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Audi automobiles come from the factory equipped with a keyless entry transmitter system, allowing you to lock and unlock your car doors from as far as 10 feet away. Some models also include a remote "Panic" button to activate the car alarm from the transmitter in the event of an emergency. When you lose a transmitter or want to add one to the system, purchase them from an auto-parts store and program them at home to save the extensive dealership programming fee.

Step 1

Insert your valet key into the ignition of the Audi. Turn the key to "ON."

Step 2

Close the driver's door while standing outside the car. Insert your ignition key into the door lock. Turn the key toward the rear of the car to lock the door.

Step 3

Press any button on the remote and watch for the lights to flash. Count 10 seconds, then press the "Unlock" button on the remote. The doors will unlock, indicating that the remote is programmed.

Step 4

Lock the driver's door with the key, then repeat the transmitter process to program additional remotes. Remove the key from the ignition and test the remotes to confirm that they work.

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