How to Take the Doors off a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Christian Killian
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If you have a door with damage on your Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can remove the door to repair it or replace it. The hinges are welded to the body of the Jeep but the door half of the hinge bolts to the welded section. There are only four bolts to remove to separate the door from the Jeep's body.

Step 1

Open the door of your Jeep Grand Cherokee all the way, exposing the hinges between the door and the body. If your Jeep has power windows, door locks or speakers in the door, there will be a rubber boot running from the body to the door to protect the wiring.

Step 2

Slide the rubber boot back from the door, pulling the tab on the boot to free it from the door. Disconnect the wiring harness connectors by releasing the locking tabs and separating the two halves.

Step 3

Locate the four mounting bolts that secure the door side of the hinge to the body side of the hinge. The heads of the mounting bolts are inside the hinges toward the body so if the door is not all the way open; you will not be able to get a wrench on the bolts.

Step 4

Remove the four mounting bolts starting at the bottom and working your way up to the top bolts. The door is heavy and will drop when you remove the final bolt, so get a helper to assist you in steadying the door if possible.

Step 5

Remove the door from the Jeep and set it somewhere safe for now. If you are removing any of the other doors on your Grand Cherokee, repeat this process for each of them.

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