How to Remove Chevrolet S10 Door Hinge Pins

by Russell Wood
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The S-10 pickup was a very popular vehicle for Chevrolet for over 20 years that it was in service. The hinges on these trucks aren't the best, however. Occasionally, the door will start to sag. When it does, the body line can scrape on the fender; if it gets bad enough, the door won't open. Fixing the problem involves replacing the hinges, the door springs and possibly the door detents depending on the amount of damage done. One of the first steps is removing the springs.

Step 1

Open the door. Locate the spring in the door jam. Use the 12-inch pry bar to pop the spring out of the door jam. Be careful as it is under tension and can come out with some force.

Step 2

Place the punch on top of the hinge pin next to the spring. Strike the punch with the hinge pin until you drive the pin out of the hinges.

Step 3

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for the lower door hinge pin until they are both off of the door.

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