How to Remove a Taillight Cover in a Lexus RX

by Alibaster Smith

The taillight cover on a Lexus RX protects the taillight from moisture. If moisture enters the taillight assembly it can not only cause the light to blow out but can short out portions of the vehicle's electrical system. To prevent this from happening, inspect your taillight assembly periodically and replace any damaged cover right away.

Step 1

Open the rear hatch door, and use the screwdriver to remove the screws holding the rear taillight trim piece in place.

Step 2

Pull the trim piece up and out of the RX.

Step 3

Remove the plug in the back of the taillight ballast by squeezing the release tab on top of the plug and pulling it out of the ballast.

Step 4

Turn the taillight bulb counterclockwise with your hand to unlock it from the assembly and remove it from the housing.

Step 5

Remove the screw bolts from the back of the housing assembly, using the socket wrench.

Step 6

Pull the taillight assembly off the back of the RX from the outside of the SUV.

Step 7

Pry up on the retaining tabs on the taillight cover to pull the cover away from the housing.

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