How to Remove the Door Panel From a 2004 Lincoln Towncar

by Allen Moore

The name "Town Car" was originally a designation for the highest trim package of the Lincoln Continental, which debuted as a Continental Town Car in 1959. Lincoln moved the name to its own model line in 1981, when the first Lincoln Town Car arrived in showrooms. The doors of the 2003 Lincoln Town Car house a variety of accessories, including the door module, power lock actuator, power window motor, window regulator and window and lock switches. The switches reside in the door panel itself, while the other components are installed inside the door.

Step 1

Lower the Town Car's window. Pry the trim caps off the ends of the door pull strap. Pry the trim cover out of the inner door handle bezel.

Step 2

Remove the two screws holding the door pull strap to the door, using a socket wrench and an 8-mm socket. Remove the screw inside the inner door handle bezel, using the socket and wrench.

Step 3

Lift the door panel up and off the door. Reach between the door panel and door to disconnect the power window and lock switches from the wiring harness.

Step 4

Disconnect the inner door handle cable from the door handle. Unplug the courtesy light wiring harness. Move the panel away from the door to complete removal.

Step 5

Move the door panel next to the door. Plug the wiring harnesses into the courtesy light and window and lock switches. Connect the inner door handle cable to the inner door handle.

Step 6

Lower the Town Car's door panel onto the door, guiding the upper portion of the panel into the window well and the retainer tabs located on the backside of the panel into their respective slots on the inner door skin.

Step 7

Reinstall the three screws -- two in the door pull and one in the inner door handle bezel -- using the socket wrench and socket. Reinstall the inner door handle trim bezel and door pull trim caps to complete reinstallation.

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