How to Remove the Tail Light Assembly from a Nissan Pickup

by Jody L. Campbell

Whether you're replacing a rear light bulb or need to replace the taillight assembly on your Nissan pickup, the entire assembly needs to be removed from the rear quarter panel. Nissan trucks have been around for many years and have gone through many different models and generations. However, the removal of the taillight assembly is similar among all the models.


Step 1

Open the tailgate. If you have a bed liner, remove the bed liner retainers or screws in the rear corner of the bed where the taillight assembly is located.

Step 2

Remove the two screws holding the taillight assembly to the rear quarter panel. On an older Nissan pickup, they will be located on the outside edge. On the newer Frontier and Titan models they will be located on the inside corner of the bed. On Frontier models with the optional bed extender gate, remove the brass hinge screws.

Step 3

Wiggle the taillight assembly free. The assembly is still affixed to the truck with plastic guide pins that need to be wrangled from their sockets.

Step 4

Remove the light sockets at the back of the taillight assembly, but mark them in order to replace them correctly when you replace the taillight assembly. Turn the sockets 1/4 turn counterclockwise to release them from the assembly.

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