1967 to 1972 Chevrolet Pickup Specifications

by Rob Wagner

The 1967 to 1972 Chevrolet pickup trucks received the nickname "glamour trucks" for their understated timeless styling, exceptional engine power and car-like amenities in the cab. Many Chevy pickups from this era remain on the road today.

Under the Hood

The 1967 Chevy pickup models featured four engine choices: the 155-hp, 250- and 175-hp 292-cubic-inch in-line six-cylinder and 235-hp 283 and 275-hp 327 V-8s. The 292 six and 327 V-8 were options. The 250 six and 283 V-8 were standard equipment. Chevy dropped the 283 in 1968 and replaced it with the 307 V-8. Chevy also added the massive big-block 396 V-8 as an option, but replaced it in 1969 with the 400 V-8.


The half-ton 1967-to-1972 Chevrolet trucks had a 115-inch wheelbase with a 6.5-foot cargo box. The three-quarter ton models sat on a 133-inch wheelbase with an eight-foot cargo box. A nine-foot bed was also available on the 133-inch wheelbase versions.


Half- and three-quarter ton 1967-to-1972 Chevy pickups featured independent front suspension with coil springs and rear coil spring suspension. Larger one-ton models had rear leaf springs as standard equipment.

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