How to Replace Brake Lights on a Toyota Sienna

by Jody L. Campbell

You may not know if your brake light is out in your Toyota Sienna unless you check them periodically or someone tells you it's out. Brake lights are important for visibility for drivers behind you and should be checked often. If you want to replace the brake lights in your Toyota Sienna and save money, go ahead and replace the bulb(s) yourself. Follow this procedure correctly and you will not break the taillight lens.

Step 1

Open the tailgate of the Sienna to reveal the two 10-millimeter bolts on the inside edge of the taillight assembly.

Step 2

Remove the two bolts using the ratchet and a socket wrench.

Step 3

Go to the outside edge of the taillight assembly with the towel and small pry tool. Fold the towel to make it thicker and place it on the border of the taillight assembly against the quarter panel of the Sienna.

Step 4

Gently place the pry tool into the crevice between the taillight assembly and the quarter panel using the towel as a protective buffer and pry outward. There are two guide pins holding the side of the taillight assembly (from underneath it) to the quarter panel that need to be released from their sockets. It will take equal parts of gentleness and tenacity to release the guide pins and not damage the taillight assembly or incur damage to the quarter panel.

Step 5

Locate the brake light bulb cavity and turn counterclockwise to release the brake light socket. Remove the brake light from the socket and install the new one. Test the brake light before replacing the assembly.

Step 6

Reinstall the headlight assembly by aligning the two guide pins first and pressing them back in place from the outside of the quarter panel.

Step 7

Replace the two bolts, remove the tools and old bulb, and close the tailgate.

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