How to Remove a Leer Tonneau Cover

by Russell Wood

The bed of a truck is pretty convenient to haul large items such as wood, furniture or anything else you want. But if you park with your stuff in an open bed, it's susceptible to theft. That's where the tonneau cover comes in. It covers the bed with a lockable storage lid, protecting the contents. But what if you own a Leer tonneau and you need to haul something bigger than the tonneau? Just take it off with a few simple steps.

Step 1

Open the tonneau cover using the key provided with the lid. Locate the two curved arms located midway down the length of the bed that secure the side of the bed to the top of the tonneau cover. At the connection where the arm meets the tonneau cover there is a silver pin that holds a metal bar in place. Pull out the metal pin, open the tailgate and shut the cover.

Step 2

Crawl into the bed using the flashlight for a light source. Locate the connection point you found at step 1. Pull the other pin out of the end of the mount, and release the cover from the curved arm.

Step 3

Crawl deeper into the bed and locate the rear mounting plates toward the cab. There are two black posts on each side of the tonneau cover brackets (four total) with silver arms coming out of them to form a handle. Turn these handles counterclockwise to loosen the rear mount on the tonneau cover.

Step 4

Crawl out of the bed. Position yourself and your assistants around the perimeter of the tonneau cover. Lift it up by the sides then move it away from the truck.

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