How to Replace Dome Lights in a Chevrolet Impala

by Cassandra Tribe
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Much like a regular household bulb, the bulb in the dome light of your car will eventually burn out. This is a normal occurrence as your car ages, however, if the light burns out unexpectedly and frequently, there may be a problem with your fuses. You can replace dome lights in a Chevrolet Impala easily. All you need is an OEM replacement bulb, or any aftermarket bulb designed to fit in your year and model of car.

Step 1

Sit in the driver's seat of your Chevrolet Impala. The dome light will either be located in the center of the car's roof interior, or towards the front of the roof interior as part of an overhead storage bin. The location will depend on the year of your Impala.

Step 2

Remove the light cover. Some older models will have the light cover attached to the light frame with two screws. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws and place them to the side where you can find them again. If you have a later model Chevrolet Impala, the light cover is held in place by spring clips in the frame. Reach up and grasp the plastic of the cover and squeeze it slightly while pulling the cover down. The spring clips will release and the cover will open like a door on a hinge.

Step 3

Pinch the existing bulb between your thumb and forefinger firmly enough that you are holding the glass of the bulb but not enough to risk breaking it. Push the bulb in, turn it counter clockwise and pull it free from the socket.

Step 4

Install the new bulb by pushing the bulb into the socket. You will be able to see a channel in the socket that you need to line up with the small raised plug on the side of the bulb end. Turn the bulb clockwise. Pull gently on the bulb to make sure that it is locked into the socket. Close the light cover by pressing it into place and either squeezing the sides while pushing it up to lock it into the spring clips, or put the retaining screws back in.

Step 5

Consult your owner's manual to locate your fuse box and the location of the fuse for your dome lights. Remove the fuse by pinching the fuse and pulling out of the fuse holder. Look at the center of the fuse and you will see a metal wire in the center connecting the two ends. If this wire is broken or black, replace the fuse. If the wire is complete, reinstall the fuse by pushing it back into position.

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