How to Remove an F150 Truck Headliner

by Louise Lawson
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Ford's F150 pickup has been one of the highest-selling trucks since production began in 1970s. The F150 is known for both it's working ability and comfortable interior. The headliners in your F150 add an aesthetic touch to the interior of the vehicle, but can wear out over time. Removing the headliner is not a difficult process but does take some time and effort.

Step 1

Take the dome light cover off. The cover is the clear plastic piece that covers the dome light and keeps the light bulb from being damaged. Slide your flat-head screwdriver under the edge of the cover and pry it away from the light, placing it in your bucket to keep it from getting lost.

Step 2

Unscrew the colored plastic piece that sits at the base of the dome light, placing the screws in the bucket as you remove them. Pull the dome light fixture gently down from the top of the F150 truck and unplug the electrical connection to prevent any damage as you remove the headliner.

Step 3

Remove any handles, sun visors, mirrors and clothes hangers attached to the headliner. While some parts can be removed with a screwdriver, most handles in the F150 are bolted in. Use your ratchet and socket set to remove any remaining parts that cannot be unscrewed.

Step 4

Loosen the plastic runners along the interior of the vehicle that hold the headliner down. Each will be held in place be either screws or retaining clips. If they are held up by screws you can unscrew them, placing the screws in the bucket and the plastic liners on the seat. If they are held in place by plastic clips, place your flat-head screwdriver against the clip and push inward to release the plastic trim.

Step 5

Slide the trim removal tool under the edge of the headliner and pull down gently to loosen it from the roof of the F150 truck. Work your way around the interior of the vehicle, loosening it in various spots to make sure it is completely free of the roof and trim pieces before pulling it out.

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