How to Remove the Inner Panels From a Honda Odyssey

by Harvey Birdman

Removing the inner panels in your Honda Odyssey is necessary if you are repairing damage or installing new speakers. Removing the inner panels is a long and involved process, as there are a myriad of little friction clips that secure the panels to the frame. The exact number depends on the year and trim level of the van. The number of screws that you will need to remove will also differ by year and trim level.

Step 1

Drive your van to an area clear of traffic, like your driveway or garage. Do not perform car repairs on the side of the street, even if it is interior work, due to the danger of passing traffic. Put the Honda into "Park" and then engage the parking brake to ensure that the van remains steady. Turn the car off and open the front doors.

Step 2

Locate the plastic interior trim piece that surrounds the inner door handle. A screw secures the trim piece to the interior panel; unscrew it (keep it, as you will need it if you are going to replace the interior panel). Slide the trim piece forward to expose the handle interior. Unscrew the screws on the side of the inside of the door panel, where the door meets the dash. Go all the way around the door until you have removed all the retaining screws.

Step 3

Push a flat-head screwdriver into the seam and wedge it open a little. Multiple clips hold the panel in place; push the clip inward to disconnect. At least two clips are on every side for all years of Honda Odyssey. Repeat this process on all the other doors on the van.

Step 4

Peel up the floor carpet by the edges of the non-door interior panels. Locate the retaining screws that hold the panels in place and unscrew them. Wedge the panels apart a little with a flat-head screwdriver and again disconnect the clips. Pull all the disconnect panels off by hand and place to the side if you are going to reuse them.

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