How to Remove the Headrest from a Ford F-150

by Allen Moore
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Ford F-150 headrests serve two purposes: The first is to give you a place to rest your head, as the name implies. The other is a safety feature. In the event of an accident, the headrest prevents your head from snapping backward beyond a certain point, preventing injuries such as whiplash. While it's not recommended to drive an F-150 without the headrest in place, there may be times when its removal is necessary.

Step 1

Slide your fingers between the head rest and the seatback. The headrest has two mounting studs that protrude downward from it into the top of the seatback. Where the studs enter the seat back you will find two circular plastic bezels. One bezel is perfectly circular, the other has a small headrest adjustment button located on the side.

Step 2

Push the headrest adjustment button inward, toward the head rest mounting stud, with your thumb, placing your fingers on the opposite side of the stud to gain leverage.

Step 3

Lift upward on the headrest with your other hand by inserting that hand, palm up, underneath the center portion of the headrest. Continue to keep the headrest adjustment button depressed until you have raised the headrest all the way up and out of the seatback.

Step 4

Reinstall the headrest simply by pushing the headrest adjustment button in, lining the headrest mounting studs up with the holes in the top of the seatback, and sliding the headrest downward until it clicks into place. Adjust as necessary.

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