How to Remove the Grille from a Dodge RAM

by Carl Pruit

The grille on the Dodge Ram truck is designed for easy removal in case of damage to the grille or for changing its appearance. There are a number of custom designs you can use to upgrade the look of the grille and give your truck a more personalized feel. The grille can be removed in less than an hour without having to get someone else to do the work, giving you the ability to design it your way.


Open the hood of the Dodge Ram and locate the grille shell support brackets that are connected underneath the hood.


Unfasten the bolts holding the grille shell support brackets from the hood with a socket wrench.


Detach the grille shell from the front of the hood with a socket wrench.


Remove the push rod connected to the latch on the hood using a pair of pliers.


Lift the grille assembly away from the Dodge Ram and set it in a safe place.


Unfasten the grille shell support brackets and remove the bracket from the grille with a socket wrench to undo the bolts.


  • check Save the installation clips from the grille you have removed to use on the new grille.

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