How to Remove the Fuel Tank in a Jaguar XJ6

by Bryan Clark

The fuel tank, as its name implies, is where the gas in a Jaguar XJ6 is stored. There are many components of a fuel tank, including the sensor that monitors how close you are to empty. Over time, the tank can rust or the valves that supply the tank can clog. When this happens, drain the fuel tank and remove it from your XJ6 so that you can clean the tank properly and restore it to full function.

Step 1

Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery and set it aside.

Step 2

Use a car jack to lift up your vehicle. Place jack stands under each wheel to ensure safety.

Step 3

Remove the fuel-filling cap to release any pressure in the fuel tank. This is the cap that you remove when you are putting gas into your vehicle.

Step 4

Locate the drain plug on the bottom of the fuel tank. Place a large bin under it that can hold the gasoline that is currently in the tank.

Step 5

Remove the drain plug by rotating it counterclockwise. Allow the fuel to empty into the collection bin.

Step 6

Remove the fuel filler assembly from the filler neck by removing the clamp that secures it. The clamp can be loosened by removing the screw that tightens it.

Step 7

Remove the three bolts that secure the fuel filler assembly.

Step 8

Slide the rubber boot down the neck of the fuel tank.

Step 9

Remove the spare tire from your vehicle and remove the spare tire mount by removing the three bolts that secure it to the body of the vehicle.

Step 10

Disconnect the vapor return line, canister vent line and fuel lines from the fuel tank. Disconnect them by using pliers to remove the pins and turning the connectors counterclockwise to loosen them.

Step 11

Remove the two retaining bolts connect the fuel tank restraining straps.

Step 12

Remove the fuel tank from the vehicle.

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