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How To Remove the Locking Gas Cap on Honda Motorcycle

by Justin Wash

Locking gas caps help to prevent fuel theft and tampering, and do a great job at it. Unfortunately, anyone who has bought or restored a salvaged motorcycle, or simply lost their keys, understands the hassle that a locking gas cap can provide. With just a drill and a nail, a locking gas cap can be removed for replacement without the key.

Remove or open the locking gas cap cover to reveal the key-insertion slot.

Mark a spot just to the right of the key-insertion slot on the bare metal of the locking gas cap. Attach a small metal cutting drill bit to your hand-held drill.

Drill into the gas cap at an angle, through the tumbler body (where the key fits on the inside) and out the bottom of the cap inside the tank. Drill slowly when reaching the base of the cap to ensure that no metal shards are dropped into the tank, which can cause serious running issues.

Insert a nail or other slender strong object about halfway into the hole drilled into the cap. Turn the nail counter-clockwise until you hear the "pop" of the gas cap disengaging.

Remove the gas cap and install the replacement.


  • Multiple holes may need to be drilled until the right spot is found for your specific cap, so don't give up if the cap does not disengage on the first attempt.

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