How to Check the Gas Cap Light on a Honda Accord

by Leonardo R. GrabkowskiUpdated June 22, 2023
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In most situations, the cause of a gas cap light is an improperly threaded or loose gas cap. Usually, the light will turn off after the cap is properly tightened. However, in some situations, the cap may be faulty. A small air leak could develop in the cap as it wears, which could allow fumes to leak and cause the gas cap warning light to illuminate on the instrument panel. You can check the gas cap to make sure it's properly tightened, but if the light does not turn off, the cap will likely require replacement. According to the Honda Accord manual, a faulty gas cap can eventually cause the Accord's check-engine warning light to illuminate.

1. Turn your Accord's engine on

Turn your Accord's engine on. Examine the light labeled, "Check Fuel Cap." Under normal conditions, many of your instrument panel lights stay on for a few seconds after starting the engine. If the light does not turn off after a few seconds, you'll need to check your gas cap. Turn the engine off before checking the gas cap.

2. Pull the fuel door lever on the driver side floorboard

Pull the fuel door lever on the driver side floorboard. This pops open the fuel door. Step outside the vehicle to check the gas cap. Turn the gas cap counterclockwise to unscrew it, then remove it from the fuel filler opening (it may have been improperly threaded).

3. Re-attach the gas cap

Re-attach the gas cap. Turn it clockwise to tighten it, until you hear at least three clicks. Close the fuel door.

4. Drive your vehicle normally

Drive your vehicle normally. If the cause of the gas cap light was an improperly tightened cap, the light will turn off after a few dozen miles of driving. If the light does not turn off, your fuel cap may require replacement.

5. Purchase a replacement cap

Purchase a replacement cap or visit an authorized Honda service department to have the system checked. If the original cap is found to have a small leak, the cap will need to be replaced.

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