How to Check the Oil Level in a Harley Heritage Classic

by Zyon Silket

The Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic uses a 2.0-gallon oil tank positioned under the seat, directly behind the rear cylinder on the engine. With high-compression motorcycles, like the Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic, it is important to check oil levels before every start to ensure your oil tank is full at all times.

Locate the oil filler cap on the right side of the oil pan. The cap is on the top half of the tank, pressed into a short tube welded onto the tank.

Pull the cap out of the tube welded onto the tank. The dipstick is secured to the bottom of the cap.

Inspect the stick for the oil-level line cut into it. Add oil if the oil level is below the oil-level line. Replace the filler cap. Do not add oil if the oil level is above the oil-level line. Replace the filler cap.


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