How to Change the Coolant Tank on a Ford Escape

by Allen Moore

The coolant recovery tank on a Ford Escape serves as an overflow for the coolant in the cooling system as it expands and contracts due to the wide temperature fluctuation it undergoes during engine operation. Over time, the coolant tank, which is made of plastic, becomes brittle and can eventually leak. If this occurs, you will need to replace it immediately. Anyone with basic automotive repair skills can swap out the coolant tank on a Ford Escape in about two hours.

Step 1

Open the hood and make sure the engine is cool to the touch. Locate the coolant recovery tank, a translucent plastic bottle mounted over the wheel well, with one small hose leading to the cooling system. Place a catch pan on the ground directly below the tank.

Step 2

Compress the hose clamp on the bottom hose exiting the coolant tank using pliers. Slide the clamp away from the tank.

Step 3

Pull the hose off by hand then aim the open end of the hose at the catch pan so the coolant flows into it.

Step 4

Unbolt the tank from the mounts using the socket set and 12-inch extension.

Step 5

Lift the tank up and out of the engine well by hand. Position the new tank in its place.

Step 6

Thread the tank bolts back in by hand then tighten them down with the socket set.

Step 7

Slide the hose over the tank inlet/outlet by hand and slide the hose clamp back into position using the pliers.

Step 8

Pour a 50/50 mixture of Ford Gold coolant and distilled water into the tank until the level reaches the cold fill mark. Start the engine and allow it to reach operating temperature then top off the coolant to the warm fill mark.

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