How to Drain the Fuel Tank on a Jet Ski

by Steven French
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If you need to make repairs on your Jet Ski, it is a good idea to drain the fuel tank before you begin. You don't want leaking fuel or accidental starts while you're working. Unfortunately, most personal watercraft, such as Jet Skis and Sea-Doos, do not include a plug for draining the tank easily. You can begin siphoning by sucking one end of a hose. But it's much safer to use a manual siphon pump.

Step 1

Turn off the motor, remove the key and let the craft sit long enough that the engine and the tank cool down. Siphoning hot fuel could be dangerous and cause burns.

Step 2

Attach a hose and hose connector to both ends of the pump. Tighten the connector securely.

Step 3

Open the fuel cap on the personal watercraft and insert the intake hose until the end is submerged. The intake hose is usually near the hand pump.

Step 4

Set the empty fuel container on the floor. Position it so that it is lower than the craft's fuel tank. This will allow gravity to pull the fuel into the container.

Step 5

Place the discharge hose into the empty fuel container.

Step 6

Hold the pump mechanism with one hand while you pull out the pump handle. Push it back in three or four times to start the gas flowing. At this point, you will no longer need to keep pumping.

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