How to Drain the Gas From a Dirt Bike

by Tom Lutzenberger
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Draining the gas from a motorcycle dirt bike involves a few basic tools and knowing where the fuel line runs inside the motorbike. Once the specific line gets located, the job simply requires disconnecting the line and rerouting it to a container. The gas pours out with gravity and the tank gets drained. Then you can either remove the tank for repair work or refill it with fresh gasoline.

Step 1

Park your dirt bike in an open, ventilated area such as the driveway. Locate the bottom of the gas tank. Confirm the fuel valve is in the "Off" position.

Step 2

Follow the fuel hose from the bottom of the tank to the carburetor. Use a screwdriver to loosen the securing clamp holding the hose to the carburetor. Place a shop rag around the end and pull it off the carburetor spigot.

Step 3

Redirect the loose hose end to the nozzle of an open and empty portable gas can. Turn the fuel valve to the "On" position, opening the fuel flow from the gas tank. Let the gas drain out.

Step 4

Open the top of the gas tank and look inside. Make sure the fuel has completely drained out the bottom. Shake the hose in the portable can for any gasoline residue.

Step 5

Remove the hose from the portable can and close the nozzle. Reinstall the hose back onto the carburetor spigot and secure it with the hose clamp previously loosened in Step 2. Close the top of the gas tank.

Step 6

Put the filled portable gas can in storage and relocate your dirt bike, as necessary. Use a shop rag to clean up any spilled fuel.

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