How to Pour Gas From a Gas Can Into a Car

by Constance Barker

Gas cans are handy for storing extra gas for lawn mowers and generators, and for emergency situations when you are unable to reach a gas station. Pouring gas from a can into your car is not hard, but you will want to take care not to spill. Gasoline is harmful to the environment and dangerous for children and pets who might accidentally consume spills. Purchase gas cans that have nonspill spouts. Gasoline is highly flammable; keep cans away from heat sources, including outside wood stoves or wood-burning furnaces.


Remove the gas lid on the car. Set it aside or allow it to hang if attached to the vehicle.


Remove the cap from the nozzle of the gas can. Older gas cans are made of metal; newer ones are a red plastic with nonspill nozzles. Use a 5-gallon or smaller can for easier lifting.


Place the nozzle of the can into the gas tank, making sure the nozzle is securely inside the opening.


Lift the can up slightly, allowing the gas to flow into the tank. Pour slowly to avoid overflow.


Set the gas can down when finished and replace the cap on the gas-can nozzle.


Replace the lid on the gas tank of the car, making sure it seals tightly.


Store gas can in a cool, dry environment away from heat sources.

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