How to Replace a Mazda 3 Fuel Filter

by Nathaniel Miller

The Mazda 3 is a sporty hatchback that gets good gas mileage and has enough room to store all of your family's equipment for outings. It's equipped with a gutsy engine that has a bit of zip to it when you mash the pedal. However, if you are beginning to notice a lag when you depress the gas pedal or your Mazda 3 is sputtering, you could have a clogged fuel filter. Luckily, changing a fuel filter is easy.

Step 1

Crawl under the car near the rear bumper and locate the gas tank (large metal tub-looking protrusion from the bottom of the car). Find the gas line running from the front of the gas tank toward the front of the car.

Step 2

Follow the gas line until you locate a cylindrical apparatus, which is the fuel filter.

Step 3

Use the screwdriver to remove the filter from the fuel filter mount, then use the pliers to pull the tubes off of the ends of the fuel filter.

Step 4

Slide the gas lines onto the proper sides of the new fuel filter, slide the filter back into the mount, and then tighten down the mounting bolts with the screwdriver.

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