How to Make a Dirt Bike

by Michael Cantrell
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Riding a dirt bike can be an exciting pastime. There is nothing quite like zipping along through trails and seeing who can make the highest jumps off of homemade dirt ramps. Some people who ride dirt bikes professionally have made up tricks to do on their bikes that are absolutely spectacular and dazzle spectators of all ages. If this excites you, then you are probably ready to build your own dirt bike and join the action. Follow these steps.

Step 1

Pay a visit to your local junkyard or auto auction and find an old dirt bike. Look for a frame that is still in decent shape and doesn't have much rust on it. It is ideal to try and find a bike with no rust at all, but a little rust is manageable.

Step 2

Drain the engine of any and all oil and other fluids. Take the whole engine apart and clean each individual part, making sure to remove all dirt and dust.

Step 3

Use paint remover to remove the old coats of cruddy paint off the body of the dirt bike. Make sure to wear a mask to protect you from any fumes caused by any cleaning products you might be using on your dirt bike. You may need to use some sandpaper to sand any slight rust spots the body might have under the paint as well.

Step 4

Coat the dirt bike body frame in primer and then paint the body any color of your choice. Painting the frame can be difficult and frustrating and requires you to spray the body from multiple angles to make sure that the whole thing gets evenly coated in paint.

Step 5

Rebuild the engine putting the clean and dried parts back together. You may want to have someone who is experienced in rebuilding these type of engines help you put it back together to avoid problems.

Step 6

Replace the old suspension with new shocks. Don't use the old shocks that may have been on the bike as these may be damaged and could cause you to have an accident.

Step 7

Purchase and replace the old wheels and rims. This includes purchasing brand new tires as well, and make sure that the tires are properly filled with air.

Step 8

Test your dirt bike and make sure that everything is up to par and working properly. Always make sure to wear the proper safety gear, such as a helmet, when testing out your brand new homemade dirt bike.

Step 9

Enter a race and make sure to have a good time.

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