How to Tune My Moped

by Sam Surgalski
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If your moped has been sitting in your garage or storage room for the past few months, it may be time to give it a good tuneup before your next ride. Tuning up a moped can increase its speed, fuel efficiency and improve its overall appearance. Luckily, tuning your moped only requires a few simple tools and should only take about an hour to complete. You should be back on your bike enjoying the road in no time.

Step 1

Replace the spark plug in your moped. Although it may still be working, it's always good just to replace it and have the old plug as a spare. You can remove your spark plug by using a large-sized wrench, placing it over the spark plug body and turning the plug to the left.

Step 2

Clean the entire fuel system and replace the fuel filter. This means checking and cleaning the following items: the gas tank (check for rust or leakage), the gas line (check for leakage or cracks) and the carburetor (give it a thorough cleaning, using a wire brush to get the grime on the inside and outside of the carb).

Step 3

Take the battery out of your moped, if it's so equipped, charge it up with a battery charger, clean the terminals with a wire brush then reconnect it.

Step 4

Check the fluid and oil levels, if your moped has a transmission, to make sure they are both full.

Step 5

Check the tires for tread depth. Check for cracks, leaks or pinhole-sized openings in the tires. Blow them up to the recommended air pressure and listen for any leaks.

Step 6

Turn on your moped and, with the kickstand down, let it run in place. Check all of the electrical workings, such as the brake lights, turn signals and battery, to verify operating condition. Accelerate your moped and check the brakes for appropriate stopping response.

Step 7

Give your moped a good wash. Simply use a rag and some water to wipe down all of the engine parts, bike frame and handlebars. Giving your moped a good wash-down not only improves its cosmetic appearance, but it can also improve your engine efficiency since there will be less grime for the engine to handle.

Step 8

Check your vehicle's tags and make sure they are up-to-date. If you have a three-year moped sticker, make sure that it has not expired. If your state requires a license plate to operate your moped, make sure that the tag is for the correct year and that your vehicle's insurance is up-to-date. Grab some handy tools and place them in the storage compartment of your moped. Start it up and take your moped for a spring ride.

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