How to Identify a Puch Moped

by Janos GalUpdated October 18, 2017
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Puch mopeds are vintage motorbikes by Austrian motor maker Puch. Puch has manufactured motorbikes since 1903 and scooter type motorbikes since 1952. To be completely sure you are buying an original Puch moped, look for the VIN number, the serial number and the Puch trademark on the frame of the motorbike.

Look for the "Puch" sign imprinted on the fuel tank on the left-handed side of the moped.

Check the moped's frame under the seat for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can identify the make of the moped by its VIN. VIN numbers on bikes made before 1981 can have any number of characters. In 1981, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ordered vehicle manufacturers to standardize VIN numbers, so from 1981 all VINs have 17 characters.

Navigate to the Mica Peak website (see Resources). Enter the VIN number into the search box to find out whether you have a Puch moped.

Check the cylinder head on your moped. The cylinder is about 10 inches underneath the fuel tank. If the cylinder head has the "Puch" name on it, then the moped is an original Puch model.

Download the Puch repair and owner's manual from the Moped Riders website. These manuals have photos of all Puch mopeds. Compare your motorbike to find out whether you have an original Puch moped.

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