How to Remove the Driveshaft From a Kawasaki Bayou

by Robert Good

The driveshaft on the Kawasaki Bayou runs from the engine to the rear axle and transfers the power from the engine to the rear wheels. To remove the driveshaft you need to place the rear wheels onto ramp lifts to be able to get under the Bayou frame. The driveshaft is the long metal arm running the distance between the engine and the rear axle. You will need to remove the bolts that connect the driveshaft to the transmission and the rear axle to remove the driveshaft.

Step 1

Back the Kawasaki Bayou up on a set of ramp lifts and get under the Kawasaki Bayou to look at the engine and transmission. Use a ratchet set to remove the mounting bolts on each end of the driveshaft that is connected to the transmission and the engine.

Step 2

Use the pliers to remove the retainer clips on the caps inside the U-joints. Place the clips some place clean.

Step 3

Remove the caps using the pliers. Pull the U-joint off of the driveshaft. Pull the driveshaft out from underneath the Kawasaki Bayou and lay the driveshaft on a clean surface.

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