How to Remove the Fuel Tank on a Honda 300 4x4 ATV

by Robert Good

The fuel tank on a Honda TRX 300 4x4 is located in front of the seat, underneath the plastic body panels. The plastic body panels are secured to the frame of the Honda ATV by bolts. To access and remove the fuel tank, remove only the front panels and the four bolts that secure the front panels to the frame. Honda usually uses an 11 mm bolt, but that can change between models.

Step 1

Remove the four bolts securing the front right and left body panels to the frame. The bolts will be in clear view along the edge of the panel. Use the ratchet and corresponding sized socket from the ratchet set to remove the bolts.

Step 2

Pull the front right and left body panels off the frame of the Honda. Turn the gas valve between the fuel tank and the carburetor to the "Off" position.

Step 3

Place the five-gallon bucket under the carburetor. Using pliers, compress the small metal clamp that secures the fuel hose to the top of the carburetor. Pull the hose off of the carburetor and drain the fuel into a bucket.

Step 4

Using a ratchet set, remove the two bolts securing the fuel tank to the frame at the top of the fuel tank. Pull the fuel tank off the frame of the Honda ATV.

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