How to Drain a Tahoe Gas Tank

by Erin Stewart

Whether you used the wrong type of fuel or have a bad fuel sending unit or fuel pump, you'll need to drain the gas out of your Tahoe. You'll be able to drain a Tahoe gas tank with little trouble; just remember that a Tahoe can hold a large amount of gas, so be prepared to contain it all.

How to Drain a Tahoe Gas Tank

Step 1

Open the fuel door and undo the fuel cap.

Step 2

You'll find a few bolts around the perimeter of the fuel door. Undo these bolts using the socket set. Once the bolts are undone, the nozzle holder will be free of the vehicle.

Step 3

Get under the vehicle and undo the hose clamp with a flathead screwdriver.

Step 4

Undo the hoses so the nozzle holder can be completely removed.

Step 5

Put the siphon hose in the gas tank of the vehicle and extend it into a gas can to catch the fluid you will drain. Make sure the gas can is lower than the gas tank in the vehicle. The pressure will move the gas into the can.

Step 6

Start the siphoning process, according to the instructions of your siphon.

Step 7

You won't be able to remove all the gas, but you'll be able to get enough out so that you can easily remove the gas tank.

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