How to Test Transponder Car Keys

by Tiffany Raiford
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Transponder keys are specialized car keys used on vehicles with internal computer systems. The transponder key is specially programmed with the internal computer in your specific vehicle, allowing the key to work only with your car. Transponder keys must be programmed to work with your car. Once your key is programmed you should test the transponder key before attempting to drive your vehicle to ensure the programming process was successful.

Step 1

Program your transponder key using the programming process for your specific vehicle. Instructions for programming are located in your vehicle's owner's manual.

Step 2

Exit your vehicle's programming mode, which is done by removing the newly programmed key from the ignition of your vehicle and exiting the car.

Step 3

Test your newly programmed transponder key by using it to lock and unlock your power door locks, releasing your trunk and turning on the ignition of your vehicle. If your transponder key successfully completes each of these tests, your key is properly programmed.

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