How to Reset the Ignition on a Nissan Versa

by Tiffany Raiford
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Disconnecting your battery could interfere with the programming of your ignition and alarm in your Nissan Versa. To correct this problem you must reset your Versa' s ignition by resetting the system that links your ignition to your keyless entry system and alarm system, because all three are intertwined. The process is simple and takes only a few moments.

Step 1

Reset your Versa by entering your vehicle with all of your remote control fobs. Once you enter the mode to program your ignition to your keys and to your alarm, all of your existing fobs will stop working and need reprogramming to work with the new code in the ignition.

Step 2

Close the doors and lock them with the power door lock control on the driver's door panel. Insert and remove the key from your ignition a total of six times in 10 seconds. Hazard lights in your car will blink to indicated you've done this correctly.

Step 3

Put your key back into the ignition and turn it to the setting immediately before the "On" setting, and within five seconds of doing so, push any button on your keyless remote fob. Hazard lights in your car will blink, letting you know you've done this correctly.

Step 4

Program the rest of your remote fobs, by unlocking and locking your doors from the power door lock button on the driver's door, and pushing a button on your key fob. Repeat for each additional key you need to program.

Step 5

Test your remotes and your ignition to ensure all programming was successful.

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