How to Remove a Ford Taurus Steering Column

by Carl Pruit

First introduced in the 1986 model year, the Ford Taurus is a very popular vehicle, having continued in production for more than 2 decades. Initially designed as a front-wheel drive vehicle for the mid-size market, its popularity allowed Ford to modify its styling and produce a full-size version with front- or all-wheel drive. The Ford Taurus features a very simple design in both the interior and exterior along with an easy-to-access engine compartment. The roomy interior allows for plenty of room to move around and gain access to the steering column and dashboard for easy removal.

How to Remove a Ford Taurus Steering Column

Step 1

Lock the steering wheel column of your Ford Taurus into place by verifying that the ignition switch is in the off position and turning the steering wheel until you hear it click and are not able to move it anymore. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery and move the cable out of the way. Do not place the cable in an area where it can come into contact with any metal on the car.

Step 2

Unscrew with a screwdriver the two retaining screws that hold the lower instrument panel in place against the steering column cover. Place the screws in an area where you can find them easily when it comes time to reinstall the instrument panel.

Step 3

Remove the retaining bolt from the intermediate steering shaft column that leads to the lower steering column yoke with a crescent wrench. You will find the access panel just below the steering wheel on the steering column.

Step 4

Place the ignition switch locking cylinder into the "On" position. Open up a paper clip so that you have a long piece of wire, and insert the end of the clip into the hole in the bottom shroud of the steering column below the ignition switch. Push the paper clip in while pulling out on the ignition locking mechanism to remove it from the steering column.

Step 5

Detach the upper and lower steering cover shrouds by undoing the screws that are holding them in place. Pull the lever pin of the gearshift from the manual control lever away from the column. Loosen the retaining screw that holds the ignition switch connector to the steering column, and then remove the connector from the switch.

Step 6

Unplug the horn and speed connectors from the steering column, and then unhook the air bag power supply and interlock switch connectors. These are all found in the center of the column and are hooked in with a white connector plug.

Step 7

Undo the screws that are holding the shift indicator retainer onto the adjustment cable, and undo the shift indicator cable from the tube. Take the two nuts that are holding the instrument panel off, and then take off the two nuts in the back of the panel. Hold on to the steering column, and lower it to the floor.

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