How to Replace an Impala Ignition Switch

by Alibaster Smith
Shane Stillings/Demand Media

The ignition switch on a Chevy Impala sends an electrical signal to the starter motor, which then allows the Impala's engine to start. When the ignition switch fails, you won't be able to start your Impala. You can purchase a replacement switch from any GM dealership. If your Impala uses a transponder key, you will need to buy the switch assembly directly from GM. If your Impala does not use a transponder key, you can purchase the ignition switch from an auto parts store.

Step 1

Turn the ignition key to the "II" position. The face of the ignition switch and cylinder assembly has numbered positions--roman numerals--that start at "0" and end with "III". The "II" position is the second position.

Step 2

Slide the punch pin into the access hole under the ignition cylinder. The pin is a small tool that looks like a steel rod. They are used primarily for accessing small areas in vehicles where other tools cannot go. On the Impala, the pin is necessary to release the ignition switch.

Step 3

Push in on the Impala ignition-switch release button with the punch pin while you pull the ignition switch and cylinder assembly out with the key. Then pull the punch pin out of the access hole (once the ignition switch has been removed).

Step 4

Disconnect the electrical connector from the back of the ignition switch and cylinder assembly.

Step 5

Turn the key in the new ignition switch assembly to the "II" position.

Reconnect the electrical connector to the back of the ignition switch assembly and slide the ignition switch assembly into the steering column until it snaps into place. Then, turn the ignition key to the "off" position.

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