How to Replace the Ignition Switch on a 76 Chevy Pickup

by Cayden ConorUpdated November 07, 2017

The steering column in a 1976 Chevy pickup is a collapsible column. It is made to collapse upon impact and care should be taken when working with the column. Have something to support the column while it is lowered, so that its weight does not damage it. The ignition switch is located on the steering column and behind the instrument panel, instead of inside the column.

Lower the steering column by loosening the two column retaining bolts under the steering column and the dash. The bolts are large and can be felt about three-quarters of the way down the steering column.

Look at the switch and make sure it is in the "Lock" position. (See Resources for an image.) Remove the two screws that hold the switch in place using a socket. Remove the switch from the steering column.

Look at the new switch to make sure it is in the "Lock" position. Hold the switch in place, then insert the two screws. Tighten the screws using the appropriate socket.

Lift the steering column into place and tighten the steering column bolts.

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