How to remove the door panels on Mercedes Benz (96-04)

by braniac

This weHow article describes how to remove the door panels on Mercedes Benz SLK (96-04.) This tip will be helpful when replacing the door panel or upgrading speakers.

Remove the triangular panel near the rear view mirror. This can be removed using a standard screwdriver to pop out the retaining clip.

Remove screw on the door jamb. This screw holds a black metal cover.

Pull out the "Air Bag" badge above the door handle and remove the screw.

Using a flat tool, pop the bottom of the door panel which is held in place by plastic retainers.

You should be able to jiggle the door panel off by pulling up using the handle or lifting up the bottom of the door panel.

Remove the wires that are attached to the tweeter and the door lock switch.


  • check Take care with plastic retaining clips as they can be damaged easily. They are available for purchase from MB dealer if you break them.

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