How to Remove Door Panels from a GMC Jimmy

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The GMC Jimmy was a mid-size SUV sold by General Motors until 2001, when it was replaced by the GMC Envoy. The Jimmy was built on the same assembly line as the Chevy Blazer and the Oldsmobile Bravada. These three vehicles shared many components, including the door panel, so removing the door panels in the Jimmy will be the same as in the other two vehicles. It isn't too difficult to remove the Jimmy door panel, however, you will need to follow some basic safety precautions if your Jimmy is equipped with power windows and locks.

Disconnect the negative (black) battery cable before beginning. This will protect you from electrical shock when handling electrical components.

Insert a flat head screwdriver or a pry tool underneath the primary window control panel at the top of the door armrest. Pull the panel off and press the tabs to release the power window and door lock harnesses.

Remove the single screw behind the door handle to release the door handle surround panel. Slide the panel around the door handle.

Remove the two screws beneath the door armrest. Use a 7mm socket wrench or a long screwdriver to remove them.

Insert the door panel trim tool between the panel and the door. Use the tool to pop out the door panel clips. There are nine clips in all, including one by the window sail panel.

Push up on the door panel, and then pull it away from the door.


  • check If your Jimmy is not equipped with power windows and locks, it will not have a window control panel. Use a window crank tool to remove the manual window knob. Insert the tool between the knob and the door panel to release the "U" clip. Once the clips pops free, the window knob will slide right off.

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